The Cleveland Torso Murderer Dismembered A Dozen People In The 1930s. And He Was Never Caught

In the 1930s, Cleveland, Ohio, was rocked by a series of brutal and disturbing killings. The murderer’s chosen method of human destruction? Viciously beheading and dismembering his no-doubt terrified victims. Shockingly, some 80 years later, the case remains unsolved – and the killer’s identity is still unknown. Moreover, there are precious few hard facts around …

By Calvin Holbrook

These 20 Creepy Quotes From Serial Killers Are Enough To Send Shivers Down Your Spine

It’s not just serial killers’ actions that are downright terrifying; the things they’ve said or written are sometimes just as creepy. Take these murderers, for example, all of whom have gone on record to either explain their motives, express their lack of remorse or attempt to deliberately confuse the authorities. Their weird words will send …

By Charlie Gilbert