The 10 Most Lavish Vehicles Owned By Donald Trump

Donald Trump, according to an estimate by Forbes, is worth a cool $3.7 billion. And a man with that kind of money – who also happens to be President of the United States – doesn’t fly coach class or drive around in a second-hand Ford made in Mexico. Of course, he has access to the …

By Ken Macdonald

20 Celebrities Who Had Terrible Feuds With Their Own Families

From the outside, it can sometimes seem like celebrities live in their own worlds, removed from the duties and cares that the rest of us have to deal with. In that sense, it’s often sobering when you find out that they actually do have to deal with a lot of the same issues as everybody …

By Callum Davies

20 Handsome Celebrity Dads Whose Sons Are Even More Smokin’

Like father, like son – that’s how the saying goes. And it’s definitely the case with this hot list of 20 sexy celebrity dads and their beautiful male offspring. Plus, not only have these kids inherited their famous fathers’ gorgeous genes, but they’ve picked up their skills and talents, too. In fact, there’s a whole …

By Calvin Holbrook

20 Secrets About Kelly Ripa That She’d Never Talk About On Air

Television host, producer and one-time All My Children actress Kelly Ripa is a fairly open book. If you’re presenting Live and broadcasting to millions of people every morning, you kind of have to be. However, there are still some things she’s unlikely to discuss while the cameras are rolling. Here are 20 little-known secrets about …

By Sarah Jones
Image: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

10 Celebrities Who Were Brought Up In Crazy Cults

Ever since the early 20th century, new religious movements have captured the hearts and souls of many North Americans. In particular, the celebrity world is full of figures who’ve flocked to creeds such as Scientology and Kabbalah in search of a new slant on spirituality. But it turns out that some celebrities encountered these cults …

By Chris Shackleton