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The 20 Most Inappropriate Jokes Sneaked Into Kids’ TV Shows

Censorship in children’s programming is a sticky subject. On one hand, it’s important to protect kids from harmful ideas. On the other, however, it’s imperative to provide children with entertaining programming. And this thin line has caused no end of problems, with broadcasting standards groups regulating what can be broadcast and what cannot. Indeed, the …

By William Boyd

The 20 Weirdest Conspiracy Theories In The History Of Hollywood Award Ceremonies

Hollywood lore is full of weird legends, and its award ceremonies often bear the brunt of them. On a nearly constant basis, for example, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has faced accusations of corruption, bias and even prejudice. And given some of the ludicrous choices it’s made in the past, it’s hard …

By Chris Shackleton

20 Celebrities You Never Knew Were Homeless Before They Found Fame

It’s hard not to think about the celebrity world without feeling a tinge of envy. From glamorous parties to massive mansions, it seems that every part of stars’ lifestyles is custom-made for comfort. But some famous faces haven’t always enjoyed such an easy life. In fact, many of our favorite celebs spent years enduring poverty, …

By Chris Shackleton
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20 Things About Bonanza The Cartwright Clan Kept Close To Their Chests

Bonanza may have finished all the way back in 1973, but it still maintains a place in many TV fans’ hearts. And the series’ winning mix of Western adventure and family drama saw it run for an incredible 14 seasons up to that year. But such a durable and successful show isn’t without a few …

By Sarah C

Here’s The Cast Of Happy Days Three Decades After They Left Al’s Diner For Good

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 30 years since the Cunninghams and their Happy Days buddies left our screens for good. However, while some of the show’s stars went on to forge successful careers for themselves, whether behind the camera or in front of it, some of them haven’t been quite as fortunate. …

By Gemma Horton

20 Celebrities You Never Knew Had Surgery To Shed The Pounds

If you’re a celebrity keen to lose weight fast, you might turn to a surgeon for help. Procedures like gastric bypasses and liposuction, for example, are popular among famous folks and regular folks alike. And while public figures are generally less likely to talk about how they’ve had a little surgical help on their way …

By Sarah Jones

10 Famous Figures Who Predicted Their Own Deaths With Spooky Accuracy

There comes a time when everyone has to meet the Grim Reaper. And while diet, exercise and healthy living can prolong the inevitable, death can still strike at the most unexpected moment. Nevertheless, there remain individuals throughout history who seemed creepily aware of when their own ends were coming. Indeed, whether they meant it or …

By Chris Shackleton