10 Subliminal Messages Hidden In Major Music Videos

From The Beatles to The Eagles, pop musicians have a history of sneaking subliminal messages into their music. In fact, there are countless examples of songs containing hidden meanings. But what about music videos? Well, it turns out that they’re just as full of hidden messages and bizarre symbolism. From subtle links to old lovers, to symbolic references …

By William Boyd

20 Embarrassing Marvel Movie Mistakes That Should Never Have Been Allowed To Happen

Since the release of Iron Man in 2008, Marvel Studios has been on a roll, creatively and commercially. And with the likes of Captain America, The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy raking in billions, it seems like the studio can do no wrong. However, that’s not to say Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is entirely faultless. …

By Chris Shackleton

20 Facts About Space Jam That Even Its Biggest Fans Won’t Know

Combining Michael Jordan’s basketball skills with a who’s who of the Looney Tunes, Space Jam became an instant kids’ classic on its 1996 release. But over 20 years on, there are plenty of things that you may not know about the innovative movie. 20. It originated in a TV commercial Space Jam’s journey to the big …

By Jon O'Brien

20 Forrest Gump Facts That The Filmmakers Didn’t Want You To Find Out

Forrest Gump is a sweet confection of a film – almost like a box of chocolates, in fact – despite the sometimes weighty historical themes it tackles. But believe it or not, there were plenty of difficulties and even some controversies behind the scenes. Here are 20 little-known facts about the 1994 hit that went …

By Sarah Jones