20 Things About Criminal Minds That The Producers Don’t Want You To Uncover

Criminal Minds got off to an unpromising start when it launched on CBS in 2005, but it went on to become a colossal success. Yet it’s definitely not without its scandals and controversies. The blood-splattered show may have changed everything for the police procedural genre, but, like the murderous “unknown subjects” it features, it has …

By Sarah Jones
Image: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

20 Pawn Stars Secrets That Reveal What Really Goes On Behind The Scenes

The History channel’s Pawn Stars is now approaching its 13th season, and over the years it’s carved out a reputation as one of the most popular reality shows on U.S. television. Moreover, Rick, Corey, the Old Man and everyone’s favorite, Chumlee, have been propelled to superstar status. But for everything this landmark show reveals about …

By Callum Davies

The 20 Most Heart-Wrenching TV Moments Of All Time

It’s said that we’re living in a golden age of television. And judging by today’s small screen output, it’s not hard to see why. But throughout its history, television has been full of poignant moments that have put our composure to the test. These 20 scenes, for example, are the saddest the medium has ever …

By Chris Shackleton

20 Magnum, P.I. Secrets That Tom Selleck Keeps Close To His Chest

It’s the show that established Tom Selleck as TV’s ultimate mustache wearer, brought the red Hawaiian shirt back into fashion and made every ’80s kid watching suddenly want to be a private investigator. Here’s a look at 20 things you may not know about classic crime drama Magnum, P.I. 20. It featured a Rat Pack …

By Jon O'Brien

Here’s What These 20 Iconic TV Moms Look Like Now

Many of us grew up watching Peg Bundy chide Al, or Lucille Bluth infuriate Jason Bateman’s Michael. Indeed, there are some TV characters that will forever stand out as cultural icons of motherhood. So in the list below we’ve gathered up 20 of our favorites from over the years and checked in on what they’re …

By Ally McKenna
Image: NBC Television

20 Things About Bonanza The Cartwright Clan Kept Close To Their Chests

Bonanza may have finished all the way back in 1973, but it still maintains a place in many TV fans’ hearts. And the series’ winning mix of Western adventure and family drama saw it run for an incredible 14 seasons up to that year. But such a durable and successful show isn’t without a few …

By Sarah C