20 Stunning Cruise Ship Secrets That Crew Members Don’t Want You To Know About

Many of us fantasize about journeying to exotic, far-off locations, and for some people cruises are the perfect way to realize that dream. Indeed, with more than 12 million North Americans setting sail on cruise liners every year, the industry is one of the biggest tourist sectors in the world. However, behind their promise of …

By Chris Shackleton
Image: via Travear / via TheRogueGinger

20 Smart Travel Hacks To Make Your Vacation Go Without A Hitch

There’s a travel hack for absolutely everything. Whether it’s how to safely pass liquids through airport security or what to do with your jewelry when you’re packing your case – someone has dreamed up an ingenious solution. These are the 20 travel hacks you can’t do without. 20. Stop folding your clothes There are always …

By Clare Wiley

This Italian Cave Hides A Breathtaking Secret

Hidden beneath an ancient town on the shores of southern Italy, a mysterious subterranean location evokes a sense of awe. Here, the hypnotic rhythms of the ocean seem to echo the never-ending cycles of the Earth. And a network of intricate stone grottos, sculpted over millennia by nature’s hand, reflect a kind of sublime imagination. …

By Richard Arghiris

20 Disney Dining Hacks That Uncle Walt Wouldn’t Want You To Know

It can seem like visiting Disney theme parks these days will put you in the same wallet-emptying league as buying your own plane or yacht. With the cost of a day pass racing toward the $100 mark, it will soon be cheaper to fill your car with gas than go to Disney World or Disneyland. …

By Jim Oldfield

20 Times A Tourist Visited A European Landmark And Thought It Sucked

Blessed with a wealth of history, art and architecture, Europe is home to some of the world’s most incredible cultural attractions. But it sucks, too. At least that’s the opinion of some TripAdvisor users, who aren’t at all shy about sharing their criticisms of major European landmarks. Baffling, funny or downright rude, the following 20 …

By Richard Arghiris

20 Reasons To Never Friggin Visit Iceland. Ever.

Iceland is a cold, barren land which has little going for it except vistas that stretch for hundreds of miles, night (and day) skies that are more colorful than any elsewhere on the planet and people who are infuriatingly happy and friendly. Unless you want to feel bad about yourself and your own country, don’t …

By Ronan O'Shea

20 Bizarre Facts About Australia That You Definitely Didn’t Know

Australians are rightly proud of their nation, and one of the things they enjoy most is being different from everyone else. This means that facts about Australia can range from the plain weird to the utterly outlandish. World’s longest fence? Tick. Whitest Sand? Check. Using rum instead of money? You bet. Here are 20 truly …

By Ken Macdonald