The 20 Biggest Culture Shocks For Americans Visiting Europe

As an American visiting Europe, you might be tempted to think, “They’re just like us, aren’t they?” Well, that’s true up to a point, but you might be surprised at how many differences there really are. And while some are subtle, others are quite stark. Here’s a rundown of the major culture shocks that await …

By Ken Macdonald

20 Of The Most Insane Things People Have Tried To Smuggle Through Airport Security

Airports have super-strict security measures for a reason. Typically, that reason is so that people can’t bring anything dangerous – explosives or weapons, for example – onto an airplane. But every now and then, it’s also because certain individuals attempt to carry all manner of insane things onto their flights – from live animals to …

By Chris Wharfe

The 20 Deadliest Cities You Can Visit

More than half of us live in cities. And by 2050, this will have risen to two thirds. Understanding how and why urban spaces become deadly, then, is more important than ever. Take the following 20 cities, for example. Crime, inequality, poverty and unemployment are rife in each of them. These, though, are just some …

By Richard Arghiris