10 Most Suggestive Vegetables on Earth

  • Carrots do it, parsnips do it, squash – oh lala, yams – positively do it, tomatoes too and eggplants sometimes. What, you ask? Provide healthy nutrition of course. What about cucumbers and sweet potatoes? Absolutely. Nutrition for the body and mind as we witness the vegetables’ naughtier side, growing themselves into, er, dubious shapes. Nature rules; we seriously couldn’t make this stuff up! Or maybe, once we stopped laughing.

  • 1. Yam, yam, yam

    Who would’ve thought potatoes, the whole family of them, could be so suggestive?

  • 2. This potato shape could be, er, anything…

  • 3. Absolutely no comment on this sweet potato

  • 4. With a little help from my friends

    Parsnips and carrots do seem to be the naughtiest of the vegetable world, enjoying their habit of surprising stunned gardeners with their funny growth.

  • 5. Like an anatomically correct panty hose mannequin – almost.

  • 6. Yes, this parsnip was really caught with its pants down in a flower bed

  • 7. Confused squash or half-hearted bifurcation?

    The amount of vegetables out there that let the mind wonder in a certain direction is something to ponder over.

  • 8. Anything you can do I can do better

  • 9. Keep your, er, nose to the grindstone

  • 10. Size doesn’t matter, does it?

    Makes you look at vegetables in a whole new light, doesn’t it? But as funny or naughty as these vegetables may be, they do all have the same fate: they end up in a salad sooner or later. Luckily, their finders clicked a picture before preparing them to be eaten, to share their astonishing discoveries with the world. Well done; this collection sure made our day!

Simone Preuss
Simone Preuss
Scribol Staff