12 Incredible Snapshots of Animals Silhouetted Against the Sun

12 Incredible Snapshots of Animals Silhouetted Against the Sun

  • Image: EcoPic

    A blood red sky across the African savannah captures a giraffe in its molten glow, with the giant animal cloaked in a beautiful darkness…

    Silhouette photography like this is a special skill. The photos are taken against a strongly lit background, sometimes with studio lights but often using wonderful natural light. These incredible images of animal silhouettes are among the best we could find.

  • Image: Zest-pk

    A stunning image of silhouetted bottlenose dolphins leaping out of a sun-kissed sea at dusk, photo graphed off Roatan Island in Honduras… On the right you can see a tented area where one imagines people enjoying a drink as they watch the incredible display.

  • Image: Xavi Talleda

    Simply called ‘The Silhouette’, this image of an elephant has so much to it: a veritable rainbow of colors in every shade of the spectrum; a reflection in the water; and of course the magnificent beast itself calmly walking on some grass in this wetland region.

  • Image: mari_art

    An Arabian stallion, tail high and neck arched as he canters along. The cloud above the horse seems to be following the curve of its body, adding to the quality of this spectacular image.

  • Image: Prashanth Naik

    With the sun going down behind the desert dunes, these silhouetted camels power up the incline with packs on their backs, led by their owner. A silhouette of movement and beauty, photographed in the beautifully desolate Thar desert, which covers much of the Indian state of Rajasthan.

  • Image: lienkie

    Here’s an incredible silhouette of an African white rhinoceros against a dusky orange sky; the photograph was taken in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

  • Image: Mike Baird

    Next, two willet birds wading in the shallows on Strand State Beach, CA. The reflection and golden water turns this image into a work of art.

  • Image: Ranga Krishna Tipirneni

    Kung Fu ant! She looks ready to take on this nail in a piece of wood, doesn’t she (worker ants are always female)?

  • Image: Stephen Heron

    A heron lifting itself up to the skies, silhouetted with the sun just behind a gray cloud. It looks like storm clouds might be gathering, but this image makes the oncoming weather look amazing.

  • Image: Luz A. Villa

    Okay, one image not featuring the sun… Still, a squally, almost indigo night with the silhouette of a raven sitting in the light of the moon makes for a great picture.

  • Image: LUGO

    With the setting of the sun, a buck mule deer emerges from a copse of trees. Haloed by the orange glow, one can see his magnificent antlers in all their splendour.

  • Image: idizimage

    The sunset caught these two kangaroos in silhouette as they hopped along the outback in Australia. The sun’s rays here are magical.

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