15 Cups of Animal Cuteness

15 Cups of Animal Cuteness

  • Image: Peter Nguyen

    It’s that time of year again when our minds turn to cute furry animals. Well, one cute furry animal anyway: the Easter Bunny. Understandably, he’s a bit too busy to pose for us right now, but fortunately we have a few other adorable critters lined up for you to enjoy. And, just to add that little extra dash of cuteness, they’re all in cups!

    What better way to start than with this sweet little baby rabbit? Careful, though: as you can see it’s a little shy. It’s not easy going first, especially with all the attention bunnies get around this season…

  • Image: Francesca Birini

    Of course, there are times when one fluffy white rabbit in a cup just isn’t enough. That’s when you need two fluffy white rabbits in cups! Better be quick, though — looks like they’re ready to hop on out any second now. Maybe they have some chocolatey deliveries to make?

  • Image: Cat in Cup image from Bigstock

    Cats are famously curious creatures, and this cutie is no exception. Something has taken its fancy up there… Could it be an Easter egg? If so, we suspect this little kitty would have more fun with the shiny wrapper than the chocolate!

  • Image: flipkeat

    We think this squirrel maybe got a little mixed up with its holidays. It’s probably just too busy with its nuts to give Easter much thought. Peanuts (which are actually pulses) are not really recommended food for squirrels, but just this once…

  • Image: pyza*

    This clever hamster has made itself a comfy little hidey-hole in its cup. Perfect for enjoying a nice private snack! Before eating, however, it looks as if it’s decided to say grace. Well, it is Easter, after all.

  • Image: riva_uy

    You wouldn’t think a cup would be a particularly comfortable place for a snooze, but it seems being this adorable is pretty darn tiring! Better let this sleeping puppy lie, as its pose seems to suggest you can “talk to the paw, ’cause the face is sleeping.”

  • Image: Lenny Photography

    This kitty is pretty sure it’s too cool to be posing in this cheesy mug. The things a model has to do, eh? While we’re at it, though, why do humans find animals in cups so fascinating? One writer suggests it’s because it highlights their tiny size and vulnerability. Or maybe it’s just because they look so darn cute.

  • Image: Little Dog Inside A Cup image from Bigstock

    What’s that? No, there was no cream in this cup. It was empty when I got here. Honest! On my nose? Nope, nothing there. You must be seeing things.

  • Image: Rabbit Cut Baby image from Bigstock

    This little bunny seems to be under the impression that if it keeps very still, we won’t see it. Could that be how its cousin the Easter Bunny does it? Perhaps we should tell this youngster that brown fur doesn’t quite work as camouflage in every situation…

  • Image: Red eyed Tree Frog On Cup image from Bigstock

    Who says you have to be furry to be loveable? This tree frog might not be quite as snuggly as the other tiny cuties here, but those big eyes and little froggy fingers totally make up for it. Chocolate frogs are popular too, you know.

  • Image: Hamster in Cup image from Bigstock

    Alright, so maybe this isn’t exactly a cup, but when you’re as adorable as this baby hamster it doesn’t really matter. The more important issue, according to this super-cute model, is that we get its good side.

  • Image: Dogteacup image from Bigstock

    We couldn’t find any studies about the potential long-term damage of putting animals in cups. However, common sense suggests not putting them in containers that are too small for them or for too long a period. As long as your pet is comfortable enough, perhaps the main danger is to their dignity.

  • Image: Mari

    Wow, this cup is really roomy; does anyone want to join me? We can be friends. Anyone? Anyone? Come on guys, it’s Easter! No? Really, I might as well be talking to the wall…

  • Image: Teacup Guinea Pig image from Bigstock

    Hmm. This little guinea pig looks rather intense. Perhaps it’s trying to hypnotize you into taking it out of the cup and putting it on some nice soft grass with a few carrots. Or maybe getting rid of the cat.

  • Image: Small Grey Rabbit Into the Mug image from Bigstock

    Here’s a rabbit with the right idea. Why sit in a cup when you can lie down in one? Maybe it’s trying to lay low until all this Easter Bunny stuff is over with.

    There’s probably only so much cuteness you can take at one time, so we’ll stop now. Of course, if you have your own little furry friend at home that you think would look good in a cup, and you promise to be very careful, we won’t tell you not to give it a go. But we highly recommend that you finish your coffee first.

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