30 Creepiest Trees on Earth [pics]

30 Creepiest Trees on Earth [pics]

  • Image: angelfebrero

    If you are a horror movie buff, you’ve certainly noticed the liberal use of trees to set the mood. Halloween is hardly complete without the image of a moon-lit and fog-laden tree. However, some trees have been molded by Mother Nature into specters of their own. Scary, frightening, or downright weird, the trees we’ve amassed in this collection will leave you wondering if Mother Nature herself digested some magic mushrooms.

  • Image: brothergrimm

    1. This terrifying screaming tree was captured in Hither Hills State Park, Montauk, New York.

  • Image: beefus

    2. A Medusa-like tree.

  • Image: doyle_saylor

    3. An alligator eye caught on the bark of a tree.

  • Image: shazz

    4. Haunting face imprinted on a tree.

  • Image: deu49097

    5. Smacked by a shovel: a face only a mother could love.

  • Image: bitchinkitten

    6. Look closely and you’ll see a smiling face.

  • Image: quabidt

    7. Insert limbs here at own your own peril.

  • Image: Johnny & Aggy

    8. As if pollution weren’t enough, some cruel person actually burned this figure into a tree.

  • Image: larobypinguina

    9. This is what it looks like when a tree is screaming.

  • Image: cmifbpics

    10. The mummy is back in a new installment – the tree mummy!

  • Image: fatherfirst

    11. As part of a larger series, here is a “tree face.”

  • Image: matchboxstudio

    12. A massive giant supports its branches…

  • Image: williewonker

    13. Cousin It? Dead poodle? No, a grass tree in the Brisbane Ranges National Park.

  • Image: angelfebrero

    1. The Howling Banshee – taken by Paludiario, this ethereal picture is awesome and one of the best we have seen.

  • Image: Frog n fries

    2. This flaming fig tree is illuminated by the sun, as it begins to rise.

  • Image: misteriddles

    3. This fig tree has decided to literally devour some iron railings.

  • Image: traces

    4. Tree blues – the color of the sky gives the tree this blue glow.

  • Image: Frog n fries

    5. When there’s no room up, trees branch out horizontally, such as the following, caught on camera at the river Dart at Holne.

  • Image: quabidt

    6. A hungry tree feasting on a rock.

  • Image: innerdemon

    7. A tree elucidated by the glow of the moon.

  • Image: oliverdodd

    8. If trees could express sadness, this beached tree would probably tell an entire story.

  • Image: by_stones

    9. The archetypal tree found in cheap horror flicks.

  • Image: angelfebrero

    10. Photoshopped “Pan’s Labyrinth” style-tree in daylight – intricate symmetries in the forest.

  • Image: crazylady624

    11. Certainly the most “twisted” tree in the collection.

  • Image: via digg.com

    1. Nature has a message for us!

  • Image: berlherm

    2. Entitled Elephant’s Ass, the following tree has a message for all you illegal loggers.

  • Image: skessler

    3. Reclaimed by Nature – a true testament to human fertilizer.

  • Image: garethb

    4. Hey… Tree, what you hidin’ in there?

  • Image: quabidt

    5. Tree directing traffic somewhere in Rhinebeck, NY.

  • Image: heathocampo

    6. Tree conveniently moving its shadow towards the bench.

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