7 Awesome Skateboarding Animals

7 Awesome Skateboarding Animals

  • Image: Stephanie Hayes

    Twig the skateboarding dog

    Skateboarding is usually thought of as a sport for people – gnarly kids and adults who still believe they’re gnarly kids. However, there are some animals out there who can skate with the best of them, showing up the humans in their lives with their balance and, in some cases, ability to pull off some pretty cool tricks.

  • Image: puck90

    Tillman the skateboarding bulldog

    From Tillman the world-renowned bulldog to lesser-known but no less inspiring tiny budgies, each of these creatures show skills on a board that some of us could only dream of. Here we bring together a special collection of photos and videos for you, showcasing the best of adrenaline-fuelled animals on skateboards. Word!

  • Image: Kathy

    7. Squirrel

    This squirrel seems to be able to ride a rail on its skateboard – which looks like it’s been custom designed for the little grommet. The diminutive skater may be cheating a bit by using twigs for balance, but it’s doing pretty well for a squirrel.

  • Image: H B

    6. Budgies

    Skye the budgie here is looking pretty fly on his little tech deck. He grips it like a pro and seems to be using the mirrored surface he’s on to sharpen up his technique.

  • Image: Aliana Lanciaux

    Jeremy, another parakeet, doesn’t just skateboard. He jumps ramps and can even drop in on a half-pipe – with a little helping hand – and he looks like he’s having fun doing so. Jeremy would certainly qualify for the X Games budgie skateboard team. As some of his tens of thousands of fans have put it, could this boss bird be the next Tony Hawk?

  • Image: smashco

    6. Turtles

    Turtles may not be known for their blistering speed, but put them on a skateboard and we reckon the little dudes could be a match for even the fastest hares.

  • Image: Tatsuya Hatake

    Luke’s totally rad turtle here has been watched by over 125,000 viewers on YouTube. It needs a little help to stay on the board but sure manages to zip around once it gets going. Is a kickflip beyond the shelled little thrasher? Probably – but give the turtle a break!

  • Image: skatehost

    4. Cat

    Mick the cat here has been featured on TV shows around the world because of his skateboarding feats, appearing everywhere from the BBC to Rachael Ray’s shows and animal programs in Canada. His favorite interests are breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh, and skateboarding, of course.

  • Image: puck90

    Despite being on diet food and with the exercise plan skating gives him, at 18 pounds Mick is still a very big boy (although as he says: “Enough with the fat jokes”). Mick sure is one cool cat – with pretty much purr-fect balance on a board too.

  • Image: absolutwade

    3. Guinea Pig

    Now this is something you don’t see very often: a skateboarding guinea pig! Nana just loved going fast down the driveway but sadly died after five years in 2009. He’d always been a little sickly but his owner put it down to bad pet store conditions before he was purchased. However, he did have fun while he was alive, and as you can see from the video up next, he was a great rider.

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