10 Amazing Facts About Cuttlefish


Image: Shiny Things

Spectacular lavender cuttlefish

With green blood, three hearts, and able to change colour in a flash, it sounds like a ‘weird aliens’ movie creature ~ Paula Weston

The amazing cuttlefish belongs to the class “cephalopoda”, the same family which octopus and squid belong to.

Image: Rainer Zenz

Cuttlefish at Georgia Aquarium

Not only does the cuttlefish have the characteristics described above but it is also considered to have the highest intelligence of any invertebrate, as well as the ability to see backwards, use jet propulsion and keep buoyancy in the same way that submarines do. Oh, it shoots jets of ink as well!


Image: Jenny Huang

Pfeffers Flamboyant Cuttlefish

10. Cuttlefish bone is filled with gas!

Cuttle-bone (the things you see in bird cages) has small chambers and like a submarine, filling or releasing the gas in them controls the cuttlefish’s buoyancy.