10 Images of Mammals Making Whoopee

MatingPhoto: Cindy Sabulis

Sex. We all do it. Yet most of us think of animals as being mechanical in their sexual activities and uncaring about whom they mate with and how they get down to it. However, if these images are anything to go by, animal sex can be both gentle and caressing, as well as fierce and rough.

As with sex among humans, a myriad of forms abound in the animal kingdom. Here we take a look at ten mammals going at it while we talk about their mating habits. Is this voyeuristic? Only the way wildlife programs on TV are too!

MatingPhoto: unkwill

10. Elephants

Elephant mating can be a very affectionate affair. The female only has a few days during the mating season to conceive and will audibly call the male, although it is up to him whether he wants to respond. After the female has briefly ignored the male’s advances, they get down to business rather like humans, with touches, trunk intertwining, nuzzling and kisses (one trunk inside the mouth of the other). They continue in this way for 20 or 30 minutes before mating – if they decide to culminate with intercourse. Same sex mountings are also common among elephants, both male and female, but the male usually ends up with a companion – often one or more younger bulls – caring for his needs. This is the opposite of the ‘love them and leave them’ attitude the males have towards their heterosexual partners.