12 Cutest Geckos on Earth

TokayPhoto: Nick Hobgood

We all know the Geico gecko, who may be the cutest of all, but how much do we really know about the species and the real cuties in it? First a few general facts and then a countdown of the 12 cutest!

Geckos owe their wide-eyed look to having no eyelids; instead they have a transparent membrane that they lick clean. Many of them have a couple of defense systems like expelling a foul-smelling mixture of feces and other material, and many can also drop their tail when it is caught. Geckos come in a multitude of colors and patterns as well.

Hemidactylus turcicusPhoto: Hexasoft

12. Mediterranean House Gecko

The Mediterranean house gecko, also called the Turkish gecko, is a darling little fellow, the size of a finger. He is totally nocturnal and inhabits the hidden areas of a home, living inside walls and rafters. If you put him on a glass table and look underneath, you will see his tummy is almost transparent and of course, he has the special footpads all geckos are known for. He adores moths and roaches and will go outside to look for them.