15 Caterpillars That Should Just Get a Freakin’ Haircut


Photo: Lodgepole

OK, we’re not going to bore you with every last entomological detail about these hairy critters. You all know the story: caterpillar becomes cocoon; cocoon becomes moth; moth lays eggs; eggs hatch into caterpillars. Yes, caterpillars. And hairy ones. The hairiest. The kind you’d ask if you can see their barber – so you can go and punch him in the chops. Bad hair days abound among this lot, though some may beg to differ and see some pretty raging styles on display.

Note: The names of some of the species eluded us. If anyone can fill us in, be our guest.

Natural Punk_perhaps_Yellow_tail_caterpillarPhoto:
Photo: Chrissie 64

1. Slick salon spikes

Is this a yellow tail caterpillar? It’s hard to tell much from this angle, when about all that’s in focus is that visor-like visage and those just-stepped-out-of-the-salon spikes. The hairs on all caterpillars are actually more accurately referred to as setae, bristles that appear on an range of living organisms, from earthworms to geckos’ feet.


Photo: Fernando Peon

2. Rastafari mon

No positive ID on this guy – and again it’s a bit close to tell – but what a great macro capture by the photographer. The caterpillar was discovered in the beautiful Oyambre Nature Park in northern Spain, and all we can say is that it looks as laid back as they come. The hairs on many caterpillars form part of cryptic colouring designed to resemble and blend in with the plants on which they feed.