15 Stunning Pictures of Starfish Sunbathing

Image: Alvaro Espinoza Fotografía

Starfish belong to a beach vacation like sandcastles and sunburn. They’re not fish, of course, but rather close cousins of sand dollars and sea urchins. Thus, calling them sea stars (or Asteroidae) is less misleading, and it’s the moniker preferred by marine biologists, so there!

Yet, regardless of what you call them, the fact is that just the sight of these stellar sea creatures is enough to excite even the most jaded of beachgoers. Plus, with their knack of showing up in the most romantic spots, they seem to be the perfect gauge for which beaches are the most scenic. Just check out the following 15 images…

Rocks, rippling water and clouds as far as the eye can see… This brooding yet somehow heavenly spot is close to Llico, a fishing village near the city of Arauco in Chile. The starfish seem to be chilling out in the shallows, perhaps waiting for high tide to wash them away, and their bright pink colors are set off wonderfully by the darker background tones.

Image: Topyti

With such stunning pictures, we may find ourselves running out of adjectives quite quickly! But we’ll persevere! Here, the plain fact is that this lone starfish, photographed on Cuba’s southwestern coast, is sprawled out in a simply breathtaking location. No wonder this place is called Playa Paraiso!

Whether they’re fat and juicy like this guy’s or more slender in appearance, a starfish’s appendages are called arms, or rays. Though all the starfish pictured here have five arms – which is typical of the creatures – they can have even more. Of the some 2,000 species, some often have six or more arms, and those of the Solasteridae family have between 10 and 15. Incredibly, the Antarctic species Labidiaster annulatus can boast as many as 50 rays! Starfish are also famous for their ability to regenerate lost limbs, and are able to pull off this stunt because it’s here that their vital organs are found. Clever stuff!