20 Animal Group Names You Probably Never Heard Of

collective nounsPhoto: JJ Harrison

We’ve all heard the names for certain groups of animals – like a pack of mules or a litter of kittens – but how many of the following unusual collective nouns do you know? We’ve gathered 20 of the most unique and bizarre, while adding a bit of light speculation on what each might mean!

collective nounsPhoto: Luca Galuzzi

A corps of giraffes. The military term sounds right; a corps of giraffes racing across the savannah certainly makes for an imposing sight.

Image: Tambako The Jaguar

A bloat of hippopotamuses. Considering their size, this is quite apt too! Did you know that hippos sweat a red substance that works as a sunblock?

Image: Mikfoz

A business of flies. We wish they would do their business somewhere else.

Image: PxHere

A crash of rhinoceroses. The sound two make when fighting, a habit of theirs during mating season.