20 Cute Koalas Precariously Catching Some Zs

Image: Sleeping koala image from Bigstock

Hmm, is this branch going to be strong enough?

There are many who would envy a koala’s life: sleeping (or resting) for up to 20 hours a day and then spending your remaining, waking hours eating. Sounds pretty good, eh? Well, before we start getting too jealous we should probably remember that unlike us humans, koalas don’t have a soft, comfortable bed to sink into…

Image: Sleepy koala image from Bigstock

Cho chweet! Sleepyhead!

Instead, they have to create makeshift sleeping and resting spots by wedging themselves between tree branches. They are, however, experts at this. As the following incredible images show, koalas can doze off anywhere, regardless of how precarious their position may be. Has one ever fallen down? Not that we know of.