20 Incredible Seahorse Pics

Image: Sarfaraz

Images used with the permission of their photographers

Beautiful, fascinating and mysterious, the seahorse is a fish like no other. For one thing, there’s the characteristically unique shape, from the horsey looking head down to the long, curling tail. Then there’s the seahorses’ covering, a delicate skin stretched over bony plates rather than regular scales. And we haven’t even started on their unusual habits!

Join us as we take a look at these amazing creatures with the aid of wonderful images by photographers like Felicia McCaulley. By the end, perhaps you’ll have learnt something new about these lovely and fragile marine animals.

Image: Felicia McCaulley

Here’s a stylish-looking seahorse with a lovely swirling multi-colored pattern. This elegant lady is a female Hippocampus erectus. Also known as the lined seahorse, this species is found on the American coast from Canada to Argentina. Lined seahorses can grow up to about 5 inches in length – like this one.