20 Most Incredible Nudis


Flabellina iodinea - Spanish shawlPhoto:

The diversity and beauty that exists on this planet is absolutely amazing. Take the nudibranch, a shell-less mollusk, or sea slug. The nudibranch has evolved many colour and shape variations in order to camouflage itself or warn potential predators that it is poisonous or otherwise unpleasant to eat. Depending on the species, size also ranges from the very teeny tiny of 20 mm (3/4 of an inch) up to 600 mm (about two feet).

And although nudibranchs can be found in reef habitats around the world, they can be difficult to locate, so we’ve gathered 20 exceptional photos for you to feast your eyes on. Take a look and we think you’ll agree that the unassuming ‘nudi’ (as they are so fondly referred to in online forums) are without a doubt some of the most colourful and charming critters in the world. But the wonders of the nudi don’t stop here; we encourage you to check out the websites of the photographers we’ve featured as they’ve got oodles of stunning nudibranch pictures for you to admire!

1. Ceratosoma amoena
Ceratosoma amoenaPhoto:
Image: doug.deep

2. Pteraeolidia ianthina
Pteraeolidia ianthinaPhoto:
Image: doug.deep

3. Nembrotha rosannulata (‘Donut’ Nembrotha)
Nembrotha rosannulataPhoto:
Image: richard ling

4. Noumea sulphurea
Noumea sulphureaPhoto:
Image: doug.deep

5. Neodoris chrysoderma
Neodoris chrysodermaPhoto:
Image: doug.deep

6. Phyllidiopsis fissurata
Phyllidiopsis fissurataPhoto:
Image: richard ling

7. Chromodoris woodwardae
Chromodoris woodwardaePhoto:
Image: doug.deep

8. Notodoris minor
Notodoris minorPhoto:
Image: Boogies with fish

9. Chromodoris kuniei
Chromodoris kunieiPhoto:
Image: Boogies with fish

10. Chromodoris tinctoria
Chromodoris tinctoriaPhoto:
Image: doug.deep

11. Chromodoris annae
Chromodoris annaePhoto:
Image: Jens Petersen via WikiMedia Commons

12. Gymnodoris impudica
Gymnodoris impudicaPhoto:
Image: doug.deep

13. Phyllidiopsis shirinae
Phyllidiopsis shirinaePhoto:
Image: Boogies with fish

14. Flabellina iodinea (Spanish shawl)
Flabellina iodinea - Spanish shawlPhoto:
Image: Magnus Kjærgaard via WikiMedia Commons

15. Phyllodesmium poindimiei
Phyllodesmium poindimieiPhoto:
Image: doug.deep

16. Phyllidia varicosa (‘Fried Egg’ nudibranch)
Phyllidia varicosa (Photo:
Image: jon hanson

17. Jorunna funebris (‘Funeral Pyre’ nudibranch)
Funeral pyre nudibranchPhoto:
Images: alfonsator

We’ll end off the set with a few photos of nudibranchs hanging out together … aren’t they cute?

18. Kubaryana feeding on clavelina
Kubaryana eating clavelinaPhoto:
Image: Nick Hobgood via WikiMedia Commons

19. Hypselodoris bullockii
Hypselodoris bullockiiPhoto:
Image: Boogies with fish

20. Mexichromis multituberculata
Mexichromis multituberculataPhoto:
Image: doug.deep

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We’ll even throw in a free album.