5 Amazing Animals With Eyes in the Back of their Heads

Image: bansheed

Across the animal kingdom we can see various forms of colourfully frightening eyespots that lurk at the end of animals’ backs, heads, tails and wings. These are very deceitful and intelligent evolutionary adaptations for defence, often tricking and shocking even the most ferocious of predators!

Those animals lower in the food chain, have many threats against them – flying, leaping, jaw-snapping predators on the hunt for them. Defence is the essential key to survival, and tricks or anatomic adaptations to deter and use against predators are both varied and fascinating. Eyespots are one of the most eccentric, yet intriguing methods of defence used – here are some of the most amazing!

Image: Sindhu ramchandran

5. Indian Cobra

A highly venonmous snake, the Indian Cobra is a much feared predator. With the ability to spit venom and puncture lungs with its sharp fangs you might wonder why the need for eyespots. Just like any animal, the Indian Cobra is open to attack from behind at any time, so when feeling threatened these well-dressed little eye spots are reared up into the air, assisted with violent hissing and spitting. The mongoose, the Indian Cobras biggest threat, is often scared away by this warning, leaving their usual spots of attack (at the back of the victim’s necks) untouched.