7 Most Beautiful Butterflies on Earth

Image: John Pavelka

Red lacewing butterfly

As ecosystems get destroyed by the continuing expansion of humanity into natural areas, the numbers of species start to decline simply due to loss of habitat. Amongst the treasures that seem destined to disappear from the planet are many species of what can surely be seen as natural works of art, in the guise of gorgeously colored and patterned butterflies, whose numbers are diminishing by the day. Here’s a list of seven of the most stunning members of the species.

Image: notafly

1) Purple Spotted Swallowtail

The Purple Spotted Swallowtail is without a doubt one very beautiful example, whose habitat is under ever more threat. Found only in the highlands of New Guinea, this lovely butterfly, of the Papilionidae family, is becoming scarcer as mankind encroaches more on the forests where it is found.