Animal Deaths Ignored, Environmental Disaster?


The past year has seen a number of barely publicized environmental disasters, resulting in the deaths uncountable numbers of marine animals and birds.

dead fish by environmental graffiti, a UK based environmental blog

Most recently, stories have emerged on Shearwater Sea Birds, thousands of which have died on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA.

Hundreds of dead seabirds washed ashore in recent weeks had starved to death. The question is, why?

Scientists are trying to figure out if something has changed in the ocean that could have affected the fish these birds normally ate.

An estimated 1000 birds have been found from the Bahamas to Florida and all the way to North Carolina. We cannot simply ignore this issue.

Back in May, a toxic algae bloom off the California coast killed hundreds of sea gulls and sea mammals. Scientists say this annual algae bloom has the potential to get worse every year as the algae have optimum breeding conditions in warming waters. The animals die from domoic acid poisoning. Global Warming may eventually create a problem where thousands more sea birds, and mammals will die if the trend of Global Warming or Climate Change continues to increase ocean temperatures off the coast of California.

The Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia virus has emerged in the Great Lakes in recent years. Common symptoms of an infected fish are bulging eyes and bleeding skin. The virus has affected more than 25 fish species and is threatening the fish supply in the Lakes. Questions remain over what caused this virus and what conditions they thrive in.

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