Baby Lizards That Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

Image: Patrick Garvey

A grumpy little flap-necked chameleon.

Babies of all kinds tend to have a cuteness factor, but baby lizards get an A+ in being adorable. Each of the little reptiles pictured here will grow up pretty fast, so it’s lucky for us some terrific photographers have got in quick and captured their cuteness on camera!

Image: Anna Pacheco

A baby chameleon meets us head on…

Given that there are nearly 5,000 identified species, it’s hardly surprising that lizards are pretty diverse creatures. When it comes to reproduction, for example, some species actually give birth to live young! It’s true that the majority of lizards lay eggs, known in biological terms as ‘oviparous’. Other species, however, seem to give birth to live babies but are, in fact, ovoviviparous. This means they produce eggs that hatch inside their bodies, so their offspring is not attached to a placenta when delivered. What’s more, some lizard species even give birth using the placental method common to mammals.