Bees that Build with Flower Petals!

Bee on flowerPhoto: Christian Bauer

Incredibly the bee species Osima (Ozbekosima) avoseta use flower petals to build their nests! The female bees line the chambers of their nest’s brooding area, near the larvae, with petals so they have food to eat and can mature. The petals are also a food cache used to make it through the winter months. Pink, yellow, blue and purple petals are used by the bees.

Jeremy Rozen who is a zoology curator at the American Museum of Natural History explained to The Hindu: “In this species, a female shingles the wall of her brood chambers with large pieces of petals or with whole petals, often of many hues.”

Amici del SolePhoto: pizzodisevo (first of all, my health)

It is not usual for bees to use parts of plants to build their nests. Separate research teams in Turkey and Iran have recently made the same discovery about the unique species.

Flowering plants depend on the pollen-spreading activity of bees, and bees depend upon flowering plants for their livelihood. Considering there are 20,000 bee species, and a tremendous number of plants species, their intricate interdependent relationship is mind-boggling.