Black widows swarm onto Romanian shores. Cause? Global Warming.

A swarm of potentially lethal Black widow spiders have invaded the shorelines of Agigea and Eforie and Gheorghe Mustata in Romania. Their venom is more potent than that produced by rattlesnakes. Notwithstanding this, due to the spiders’ minute dimensions, the bite often doesn’t result in death to humans. Due to their huge numbers however, their presence on Romanian beaches could be potentially fatal.

Black Widows swarm onto Romanian Shores. Cause? Global Warming by Environmental Graffiti, an environmental blog.Photo:

Scientists blame global warming for the arachnid invasion, as Romania’s unusually cold winter and scorching summer provided an ideal habitat for the spiders.

The first reports came from a teacher working with students near Agigea.

“Some 200 such spiders were seen around the Agigea beach,” Mustata said. “The population must be alerted and informed” so people don’t come into contact with the spiders.

It is not the first time and neither the last, that climate change has caused such freak occurrences. According to the UN, if we don’t act quickly enough, up to 50 million people could be displaced by desertification, causing social unrest and war. This, one could argue, although not as bizarre as an invasion of black widows, could potentially affect far more people. We must do our bit to prevent global warming.