Bull Charges Through Home and Exits Through Front Door


bull in pamplonaPhoto:
Not the actual bull, above image taken in Pamplona by Eneko Alonso

No, this isn’t bull – excuse the pun. No, like something from a cartoon or an indoor Pamplona bull festival, a German family were left gob-smacked when one of the beasts charged into their house through the back door and took a full tour of the building before leaving by the front door.

The bull, which completely destroyed the furnishings of the house, did not injure any of the family members, but did cause 10,000 euros (15,000 USD) worth of damage.

So how did the bull get there?

The animal was part of an escaped herd of cattle, which invaded the nearby town of Monschau. With no cowboys to reel them in, they wreaked havoc.

Unfortunately, the sad part of the story is that the bull which was on the run didn’t make it to the finish line: he was shot in true Bonnie-and-Clyde-style by a huntsman.

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