Doggy Hero Saves Kangaroo

When a mother dies in the wild, there’s normally not much hope for offspring; they are, in the words of a TV show that I used to loathe, the weakest link.

133837326990312571.jpgImage from westietess on Flickr

Every once and again, however, something amazing happens, and for this kangaroo joey, something did:

Rex, a pointer, came across a joey that most likely should have been dead from the automobile impact that killed it’s mother and instead of leaving it or killing it, or whatever it is dogs do, it took it home. The dog’s owner, who was understandably shocked, discovered that the 4-month old joey, now sporting the unique moniker Rex Junior, had been handled so gently as to not have any marks or be in any sort of distress.

Obviously incapable of caring for the litte darling, Rex’s proud owner, Leonie Allan, has decided to turn Junior over to a wildlife sanctuary– this one–where he’ll stay until he’s 18 months old and be re-released.