Dubai Special Offer: Get 25 Percent Off for Bugs On Food

Those of us dedicated to sustainable development and engaging new sources of food– especially those of us in America, where a Dollar won’t go as far as a Yen used to (yuk, yuk)– might want to get on the next plane to Dubai.

bugs in foodImage by Yerffej9 on Flickr

Yes, the world’s most luxurious little Emirate has come up with the solution to all of our problems: put bugs in the food.

A diner in the tiny middle eastern country apparently thought it was making a funny joke when a group of eight diners out celebrating a birthday were offered a 25% discount for– and this is on the receipt, see it here— “bug on food.” The mood became, as you might imagine, substantially more serious after that.

The restaurant manager, when asked for comment, said it was an inappropriate joke, but bear in mind that’s only because they were in Dubai. Many cultures eat bugs and don’t think twice about it, and the University of Maryland goes so far as to publish a Cicada Cookbook.