Heavy Petting [PICS]


Lion hug and kissPhoto:
Image: Erika Quitnana

Yes, we know, spring is not yet in the air but there is something to be said for snuggling indoors on cold and dreary winter days. Get inspired by these awww-inspiring animal couples, which have caught the love bug, big time!

It is interesting to note that most animal species display some kind of affectionate behaviour toward each other – from the tiniest mouse to the biggest elephant. But without further ado, here are some stunning images that don’t need much of an explanation.

Cats and Dogs

A hug, a kiss and a lick:
Image: Pietro Jr

Wet cat kiss:
Cat kissPhoto:
Image: Pietro Jr

Two ginger curlies sharing an affectionate moment:
Image: Kumon

Aww – Rottweiler puppies kissing:
Rottweiler puppiesPhoto:
Image: Hernan Mojarro

Big Cats and Other Wild Animals

A kiss and a hug – two lions:
Lion hug and kissPhoto:
Image: Erika Quitnana

Siberian tigers Tony and Tatiana sharing a tender moment at San Francisco Zoo:
Image: chadh

Now this is what we call a bear hug:
Panda bear hugPhoto:
Image: Amanda

Elephant hug and kiss at San Diego Zoo:
Elephant hugPhoto:
Image: Cyrus Bulsara

Macaque group hug in Bali:
Macaque group hugPhoto:
Image: Ivan Lanin


Getting an early start – two baby giraffes at Planckendael Zoo, Holland:
Baby giraffesPhoto:
Image: Jinterwas

Giraffe hug:
Giraffe hugPhoto:
Image: betulla

And a close-up of giraffe love:
Giraffe lovePhoto:
Image: Flavio Spugna

Cows, Horses and Sheep

Teenage cows kissing right in front of an outraged parent:
Cows kissingPhoto:
Image: Audrey

Carriage horses in Vienna sneaking a kiss:
Image: Simon

Ewe! Love!
Sheep lovePhoto:
Image: John Haslam

Birds and Other Small Critters

Two lovebird couples:
2 lovebird couplesPhoto:
Image: joemess

These parrots need some privacy:
Image: Peter Bekesi

Genuine couple or penguin politicians?
Penguin couplePhoto:
Image: Kym Roberts-Jones

Aww – Vietnames pot-bellied piglets being friendly:
pot-bellied pigsPhoto:
Image: Stewart Butterfield

Two black-tailed prairie dogs going for it:
Prairie dogsPhoto:
Image: Mila Zinkova

Sorry, wrong number – love is blind:
Guinea pigPhoto:
Image: GirlReporter

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