Heterochromia in Animals

Image: elvissa

Meet Isabella! Boston terrier and lovely girl

Dan Aykroyd, David Bowie, Kiefer Sutherland and Christopher Walken have got it, so it can’t be a bad thing for your chances of success. It may not be the norm in terms of eye colouration, but since when was being the same so great? Difference is a good thing, right? Just ask these animals. Then again, they’d probably just look blankly at you – wondering, in dog and cat speak, “What the hell are you going on about?” – as you stare back at their amazing different coloured eyes.

Image: Jorge Barrios

Purrrfect: Complete heterochromia in a female cat

This difference in colouration – in humans or animals – is called heterochromia. Usually found in the iris, heterochromia can also affect the hair or skin, though we’re going to focus on eyes here, and specifically those of man’s beast and second beast friends, dogs and cats.