Human Vs. Kangaroo


Photographer unknown via: Blogs24

Don’t mess with the kangaroo. Perhaps better known for their Olympian jumping capabilities, these marsupial bruisers – which can reach almost 7 feet tall and weigh 200 lbs – are also the boxing champs of the animal kingdom. The kangaroo’s fighting skills include forepaw jabs, grappling, and their own unique style of kickboxing. Yet punches to the face are the least of their opponents’ worries; the real threat lies in a powerful kick of their hind legs, which can cause serious damage.

Photo: Julian Robinson

Belligerent beasts: Male kangaroos, or jacks, box each other in the wild

Of course in the natural scheme of things, kangaroos would sooner keep the fighting amongst themselves than involve other species that come within thumping distance. In the wild, male kangaroos box one another playfully, for dominance, or when competing for mates, known as jills. Using an incredible technique, jacks balance on their tails to deal out blows with their feet that have sharpened toenails capable of disembowelling an adversary.


Image via: wpclipart

Hard as nails: Kangaroos use their feet in a clever balancing act

Luckily for kangaroos, their bellies are protected by a thick layer of skin, but other foes of these formidable animals are not so fortunate. Dogs have been known to get on the receiving end of this belligerent beast’s special treatment, caught by the roo’s forepaws and raked with its hind legs. So too have men – notably in 1936 when a hunter was killed as he tried to free his dogs from a skirmish – and yet on some occasions you can’t say we haven’t been asking for it.