Man Uses Hedgehog As Deadly Weapon

A man from Wellington, New Zealand has done something that I’m certain I would never see outside of a video game: picked up a hedgehog and thrown it at another person.

13383732561285669304.jpgImage from DeadTheo on Flickr

William Sighalargh, apparently out of other options to express his displeasure with a 15-year old boy
who was several yards away, picked up the nearby creature and heaved it, striking the victim in the leg. The boy, for his trouble, was rewarded with a large red welt, and several puncture marks. Despite this, he was judged to not need medical treatment, and spared the excitement and expense of an ambulance ride.

The hedgehog, who was an innocent bystander in all of this, was in dead at the time it was collected by police officers as evidence, but it is unknown if it was living or dead at the time that Mr. Singhalargh lost his bearing and judgment.

He has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon – but as of yet no animal cruelty statutes have been invoked.

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