Nature’s Pink Camouflage

Image: mickeymox

Some insects are like rock stars: they like to be flashy and stick out with an unusual appearance. Yes, we’re talking about insects that sport a shocking pink color. If you’ve ever seen one and thought that was it, you were wrong; there are more! Find out why some insects wear shades of pink and which ones do so too. We’ve dug out six for you. Spot on.

Image: Tom Morse

6. The Pink Katydids: Punk Rock

Shocking pink katydid

Gotta love the name of the first insect: katydid. Try saying it fast: pink katydid. It has a ring to it, definitely. But we’re digressing. Here are the facts.

The pink coloring of some katydids is due to a condition called erythrism, an unusual reddish pigmentation that can affect an animal’s body, skin, feathers, hair or eggshells. It is caused by diet or a genetic mutation that either leads to the absence of a normal pigment or the excessive production of another. In katydids, the pink coloring might be a kind of camouflage that hides them on reddish or pinkish plants.