Panda Cub Love Bites Zookeeper. Result: Injury

Tai Shan, the panda cub born to much fanfare in Washington, DC three years ago, apparently has decided that bamboo is not enough, and that his diet should be supplemented by zookeeper.

Tain ShanPhoto:

Tai Shan, who weighs nearly 170 pounds, was in another area of the habitat — keepers stopped sharing space with the cub once it weighed 70 pounds– but the doors were unsecured, allowing Tai Shan back into the company of the keeper and the food. Sneaking up behind the worker, the panda, who has a playful personality, and was giving what has been characterized as ‘love bites’, drew blood with the exceptionally sharp teeth normally used for bamboo. The keeper was fortunately able to radio for help, and other staff members distracted the cub with food while the injured staffer was carried out.

Info from Yahoo News