Warning: Would You Save This Kitten From a Deadly Python?

An Australian woman is healing from injuries suffered when she saved her kitten’s life by punching a python.

Cute kitten attacked by Python

Ruth Butterworth was raising the kitten in the Australian city of Brisbane. The python puncher said she was trying to save the kitten, which she’s named Tuffy, from the same fate as its mother. Its mother, Coco, had been squeezed to death just days before Tuffy’s attack. It’s unknown whether the same python was responsible.

Butterworth said: “It was almost dark and I saw this silhouette coming down, and I knew what was about to happen to Tuffy. Here was this evil thing coming out of the fence, coming down, and within a couple of seconds it had the cat.”

Try as she might to get little Tuffy back to safety, the kitten was oblivious to the danger and ignored her calls before it was attacked.

“I just started punching the thick part of the snake where it was about the size of my arm. I wasn’t looking, I just kept punching until it let go,” said Butterworth.

After the battle, the snake slithered away. Butterworth then realized she’d been hurt in the scuffle. For her heroic kitten saving efforts, she suffered a broken wrist and several bites from the snake.

Source: News.com.au