Why the Venomous Daddy Long Legs Can’t Bite Humans

Image: Olei

What is the mysterious ‘Daddy Long Legs’? An insect, a flower or some kind of animal with big teeth? Why are they so famous? Are they venomous? Why can’t they bite humans? Many questions may arise in one’s mind after reading this article’s title.

Actually, a Daddy Long Legs is among the most common house spiders around. What is reason they cannot bite us and inject their venom into us while they’re wandering around freely? Let us do some more research about this tiny creature.

Image: Udo Schröter

Spider with cubs

Daddy Long Legs or Granddaddy Long Legs are a common spider species that are distributed worldwide. Scientifically known as Pholcus phalangioides, they can easily be found anywhere inside the house or in the backyard and under logs or rocks. Other suitable places for them are cellars, buildings and caves. They prefer to live in dark and damp areas, and they are often confused with Opiliones, or Harvestmen, which share the same name but are basically eight-legged arthropods, not spiders.