The 20 Craziest Things Found on Google Earth

21. Lead Shipwreck
Image: via Weird Google Earth

When Google Earth launched in 2005 it uncovered a whole load of crazy stuff previously unseen to the earthbound. The program’s satellite and aerial imagery lets us zoom in on locations all over the globe, unearthing secrets in previously inaccessible locations – or even right on our own doorsteps. There are a lot of wonderful things that can be seen from space, but here are 20 of the craziest.

20. Bottomless pit
Image: via Top Media/YouTube

20. Bottomless pit – Sirte, Libya

It looks like a porthole to another dimension, but this gaping black abyss in Libya is actually the gigantic Ghardabiya Reservoir. Situated close to the city of Sirte, the water body became part of Gaddafi’s colossal irrigation network in 1991.