A Rare Glimpse Inside China’s Power Plants

Recent reports in the UK news suggest that China is currently building around two new power stations a week. This video provides a rare glimpse inside one of them. Is it so unique, or is it no different than Didcot power station? Why has it come to be a symbol of China’s rapid growth?


The issue of China’s emissions have been was covered in great detail today by the Guardian, which elucidated the findings of a Dutch think-tank. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency claims to have found that China’s emissions overtook those of the US in 2006. This was, in part due to China’s booming economic growth and hunger for energy.

However, John Ashton, the Foreign Office’s representative for climate change said there was no point in blaming the Chinese, as the West had to set an example for China to follow. “We are fuelling that demand by buying Chinese goods” is an argument often presented. Climate skeptics, wonder why the average Brit should bother switching off their lights and avoiding flights abroad. Is this attitude childish? After all, Greenpeace UK’s Director John Sauven said “Responsibility lies not just in Beijing but also in Washington, Brussels and Tokyo.” What do you think?