Why a Low-Carbon Economy is Essential

ContrailsPhoto: NASA/Louis Ngyyen

Low-carbon economies produce low amounts of carbon emissions that are released into the environment. A lower amount of pollution has a lesser effect on climate change, compared to high-carbon economies. Heavily industrialized areas, including much of the West, that have high-carbon economies, must switch to a low-carbon system to reduce the strain on the planet.

Carbon offsetting offers high-carbon economies an opportunity to offset some of their consumption. However, this is not the only solution, and better methods must be found. Methods may include adopting a lower carbon lifestyle that encompasses all portions of life. From cleaner living to industrial practices that produce fewer emissions, finding a better solution to the carbon pollution crisis is increasingly important.

Lowering the carbon consumption of the entire economy can begin with small changes to some of the higher carbon emission producing sources. A more efficient source of fuel, better public transportation and incentives for using carbon offsetting can all have a positive influence towards becoming a low-carbon economy.