7 Deadliest Islands on Earth

Image: United States Department of Defense

Bikini Island

Regular readers of Environmental Graffiti will know there are such things as killer lakes, but who would have thought that there are killer islands as well? Yes, we have them here on earth, and it isn’t simple hyperbole. Islands exist that have been blighted by anthrax spores, have had nuclear waste dumped on their shores, and that spew sulfuric gas into the atmosphere. Most of these “deadliness factors” are thanks to man not thinking about the consequences of his actions. Pack your bags – and your radiation suits – as we visit the seven deadliest islands on earth.


Image: Pere Ubu

7. Gruinard Island

In the Second World War, the British government decided to test anthrax as a bioweapon and compulsorily purchased Gruinard Island from its owners for use as a testing site. The island, part of Scotland, remained contaminated with anthrax for decades – at least until 1986, when 280 tonnes of formaldehyde were sprayed on the island to kill the spores.