17 Tips to Survive the Jungle Labyrinth

Image: [email protected]

Jungle – Taranaki, New Zealand

Ok, ok, we know what you’re thinking. You’re sitting in a chair, staring at a computer. The jungles of the Amazon are thousands of miles away and all you have is your imagination. But for whatever reason, have you ever wondered what would happen if you were lost there? With nothing but walls of foliage and sounds of the undergrowth, it’s not hard to see why on many an occasion it has tested man’s ability to the limit. So from the downright obvious, to the slightly more obscure, we present 17 tips to survive if you’re lost in the jungle.

Image: hungaro phantasto

Sumatra, Indonesia – jungle forest tree

Orientation in the jungle

1. First, you should figure out where you came from and trace it back to a recognizable travel trail. Of course a map, a compass and a GPS unit would probably solve your problem much easier.

If you’re not part of a group and making noise would only attract animals you’ll have to pick a direction and stick to it. Head downhill to find a water stream, then follow it until it becomes a river, which will lead you out of the jungle. Choose the direction of travel wisely and if it turns out to be bad, quickly come up with a new plan.

2. With low visibility, you may need to rise above the canopy by heading part-way up a hill or ridge to get your bearings. A slight depression in the jungle where one side is higher than the other suggests there could be a river so go ahead and follow it. The wider the river, the more chances you have to find civilization.

Dangers in the jungle

3. Falling trees and branches are the biggest killers of people in the jungle. Therefore you need to choose your night camp on clear grounds and away from trees. Stay alert, move slowly and steadily through the dense jungle and stop periodically to listen and take your bearings.