15 Most Incredible Slot Canyons on Earth

Image: Lucas Löffler

Antelope Canyon

Slot canyons are fantastically narrow gorges that are much deeper than they are wide. Formed by water rushing through sandstone and limestone (although some are also shaped in granite and basalt) they can be less than three feet across yet well over 100 feet deep! Hidden away, and with walls that remind one of abstract art, they are like sanctums provided by nature, but they can also be dangerous – even deadly. Notwithstanding, we’ve brought together some of the most interesting and beautiful ones we could find.

Image: G. Thomas

15. Spooky Gulch

Located off the aptly named Hole-in-the-Rock Road in Coyote Gulch, southern Utah, Spooky Gulch is so-called because so little sunlight is able to reach its sandy, streambed bottom. No wider than 15 inches in most places, it is 30 feet deep. Narrow isn’t the word!