20 Animal Hybrids You Won’t Believe Actually Exist


Image: Guido Gerding

Humans seem to really enjoy messing with nature, and if these 20 unusual hybrid animals are anything to go by, the results can range from the weird to the wonderful – and from the cuddly to the, well, not so cuddly. To prove it, the images you’re about to see are not digitally altered, and these animals are 100 percent real.

Image: TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images

20. Zonkey

Say “hello” to the zonkey. It’s a half donkey, half horse hybrid, and it can be the result of human crossbreeding, or it can occur naturally when the two breeds share home and pasture. A zonkey can’t have any babies, though, so each is one is completely unique – and incredibly cute.


Hybrid animals_wholphin
Image: Mark Interrante

19. Wholphin

What do you get if you combine a bottlenose dolphin and a false killer whale? The wholpin, of course. It’s almost perfectly in the middle of the two animals, though they are extremely uncommon. You can, however, see the only one in captivity at Hawaii’s Sea Life Park.