Lion vs Zebra

Lion vs Zebra

Photo: Robin Hutton

Lions and zebras have an odd relationship. Odd by our standards, normal for the wild. It’s safe to say it’s dysfunctional, and one party, or both parties, probably will get hurt whenever they cross each other’s paths.

Lions FeastPhoto: amandaanderson2

The lion is stronger, wittier and usually hungrier. The zebra is faster and perhaps shrewder and, it’s safe to assume, probably wants to win the fight more. On paper, in a one on one, it might be a fair match, but the lion usually doesn’t like a fair fight so either it’ll attack in a pack, calling on the help of five lions to kill one zebra, or they’ll go after much younger zebras, in the hope of an easy win.

It’s sad the lion is so petty, but someone is trying to stop him from getting to a meal and I know we all get petty when we need to eat. Really it’s “the circle of life” and that’s just how it works.

You shouldn’t be worried, because no matter if the zebra gets killed or gets away, the system is going to continue on the same, and we just have to count our blessings that we were born at the top of all food chains.

Lions EatingPhoto:

I do have a weak stomach when it comes to blood and violence, but I must say these pictures and videos are amazing.