Momma Alligator Rescues Baby from Heron's Beak

  • Mothers aren’t the same the world over, but one thing seems to be a constant: you don’t mess with their babies! Alligator mums protect their little ones until they are about a year old, but this heron seems to have overlooked that fact. Reptiles may be a part of herons’ diets, but this particular bird has bitten off more than it can chew. The heron has a tiny baby alligator in its mouth for lunch (help, mommy!) and, needless to say, momma alligator is none too pleased about this!

  • The heron is running away from the mother alligator, which is fast gaining ground.

  • Uh oh, it looks like the heron is going to take to the air with the tiny little baby!

  • Still running with momma alligator nipping at its heels, the heron hasn’t quite got the speed and lift necessary to take off yet…

  • Finally, the heron drops the baby to the ground but the baby is not in the clear yet…

  • There is another heron that was hanging around hoping to pick off the first one’s lunch! This alligator has her hands full!

  • Mum gives the heron a decidedly menacing look – baring those teeth – while her little baby makes its way towards her.

  • Now, mum finishes the job of seeing off the two pesky herons while the baby wanders around.

  • At last the baby is back with its mum again, safe and sound.

  • Maternal instinct in the wild has rarely been better captured on camera. As Claudia Marlene, the photographer who took this amazing sequence of photos, says it: “Hero Mom!” Couldn’t have put it better.

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Michele Collet
Michele Collet
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