The Devastating Environmental Effects of the Gulf Oil Spill

Pelicans+Covered+in+Oil,+Grand+IslandPhoto: Mindful Walker

The oil spill continues to spew oil into the waters off of the Gulf Coast of the United States. Marine Biologists and Oceanographers are concerned over the marine life as many have turned up heavily oiled or dead. The need for more human help in the effort to save the wildlife in the region is dire.

Efforts to fully stop the oil spill have come up fruitless. Workers continue to come up with new ways to stop the leak. “Top kill” failed, and LMRP hasn’t done the trick. Not even putting debris in the  blowout preventer has helped much. While some of the efforts have slowed the leak, BP spokesperson Mark Proegler believed that there is no way to tell when the oil spill will be completely plugged. For now, the oil continues to spread over the Gulf Coast and create widespread damage to sea life.

Gulf+Coast+Oil+SpillPhoto: gsfcNot only is the oil spill having a disastrous effect on the economy, it may permanently damage it. The fishing industry has taken the biggest blow, as it it forced to raise its prices by more than 50%. Health concerns over seafood safety are also rising as the economy is taking on some of its hardest times since the Great Depression.  The devastation is greater than anyone could have imagined. Protesters have been out on the beaches in full force to express their concern over the massive oil spill, which continues to rage its ugly head over the waters of the Gulf Coast.

Bad+Pollution+SignPhoto: fibonacciblue