20 Solitary Desert Plants Surviving Against the Odds

Image: Boeboe fiel

Beautiful Moroccan dunes with solitary plant in the foreground

Some plants seem to be capable of enduring in the face of all adversity, carving a niche for themselves where nothing else is able to flourish. But whether it’s a tough little dandelion growing through a crack in the concrete, a lone cactus in vast desert plains or a thorn bush thriving in scorched soil, it’s not something you see – or even notice – very often. We’ve scoured the globe looking for exactly these types of solitary desert flora and found 20 remarkable survivors.

Apart from being determination personified (make that plant-ified!) these instances of vegetation in arid places are also apt metaphors for learning to live through life’s toughest patches, when one feels prickly, parched and alone in the desert of life. But of course, there’s always a ray of sunlight – or, in these cases, a cloud in the sky or a hidden water source. So in that spirit, let’s get on with this inspirational journey…

Image: Paul Nguyen

This tough little bush was found in California’s Anza Borrego Desert, in what looks like a dried-up lakebed. We simply love the little fellow’s survival instinct! After all, it’s on its own as far as the eye can see but still seems to have found a secret source of water to keep it green despite the barren earth all around. Now that’s determination!