Incredible Nomadic Plants

Nomadic_PlantsPhoto: Gilberto Esparza via

A ‘piece of art’ was recently created by a Mexican artist, Gilberto Esparza: Plantas Nomadas. Is it really art though? A robotic machine is part of the composition of this piece. The machine carries within it living plants and organisms, which it also cares for! Whenever the need arises, Plantas Nomadas will simply go to its native home of the Lerma Santiago River. This plant/machine is powered by a microbial fuel cell.

For those who do not know, Mexico’s Lerma Santiago River is polluted. This ‘hybrid’ can take the polluted water nourish the plants and microbes, and thereby power the fuel cell. There will be an exhibition at the Laboral Art and Industrial Creation Center in Gijon, Spain featuring Plantas Nomadas until June 7th 2010.

I am unsure if this creation works or not but wouldn’t it be better tested out in the field and not in an exhibition in Spain?