Kudzu: The Plant That Devours Everything in its Path

KudzuPhoto: SoftCore Studios

Ah, the refreshing smell of grapes. Sweet and sugary. If someone followed a particular sweet scent of grapes he or she may come upon a green landscape with a few areas with purple flowers.

But where are the trees? Where are the houses? Where is the grass? The answer – underneath that smothering carpet of grape scented goodness.

Leaves as far as the eye can see, hogging all the sunlight for themselves, and leaving the rest of the plants to wither in the shade.

Kudzu ~ A Beautiful CursePhoto: Donna *deestea*

This killer strikes fast. It can grow two feet a day in the right conditions! Imagine planting a young tree next to a small Kudzu and coming back a week to find it as a trellis for this beast! This vine can even cover entire buildings if given the chance.

Not only does it kill plants, but it also poisons the air by creating ozone, contributing to global warming.

This killer and menace has a soft side though. People have been eating its roots for years. Apparently they are pretty tasty if you have the right palate.

With the cost of fuel rising, people may even turn to this fast growing beast for fuel! With sweet smelling flowers, the whole vine contains high amounts of sugar, much like corn does – which is already being used to make ethanol.

Will this vine be tamed for food and fuel, or will the killer take off from under our noses and continue to blanket the land and continue to cloak the world in its shadow? Only time will tell. Until then keep your plants close.

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